Erkan, works hard to get things accomplished. I have worked with Erkan on a few major projects and he has always showed a good sense of combining Technology and a strong business sense. He is always bringing fresh ideas and communicates them very well.
— Bernard Otu
Erkan is a real professional in the field of internet marketing and web analytics. He works hard and make sure everything is being done in time, and with accuracy. Erkan has strong inter-personal skills, pays close attention to detail, and produces work in a timely manner wonderful person to work with.
— Lu Banwo
There are a few people you will come across in your career like Erkan. His insight and understanding of consumer behaviour coupled with an ability to think on his feet, being precise, logical and effective at communicating the solution makes him an indispensible asset to any team.

Erkan has worked very closely with me on a number of digital projects and his acumen in the digital realm is impressive and can also add a creative element to any project
— Rommel Gracias
Erkan is talented and incredibly knowledgable in the field of digital marketing including mobile marketing strategies, and social media engagement. He would make a valuable addition to any organization’s marketing team.
— Oliver Omole
Erkan is a direct, straight talking manager with a detailed understanding of digital technologies and digital marketing. Always thinking of the wider picture, he is always well placed to provide insight and strategic thinking to any digital campaign.
— Ryan Tai
Erkan is a highly motivated marketer and manager. He makes my job exciting and as stress-free as possible, and I really enjoy working with him. Erkan consistently has a host of ideas and strategies up his sleeve, and his enthusiasm for meeting and exceeding goals spills over into my work, motivating me on a daily basis. In stressful situations, Erkan always maintains a calm demeanour and often has several ideas or solutions at the ready, to help keep projects moving smoothly. I would highly recommend Erkan to anyone looking for Digital Strategy and Marketing Solutions. His excellent marketing skills work hand-in-hand with his ability to manage a diverse team.
— Samantha Howes

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