The Future of Modern Marketing

Predicting the future is usually a tough nut to crack, but what we can look at is the direction we are moving towards. The future of marketing is just around the corner with the end of 2015.

Now that we know everyone is a content generator/media company, marketers need to cut through all the extra clutter and noise. The content that marketers produce can’t just be more content, it needs to be better more focused content. As marketers we need to focus our time and energy on creating efficient content. We need to be more efficient in leveraging technology to find and understand our target audiences. We need to really understand our audience all the customers, prospects, partners, advocates and even readers. The goals should not be about generating more clicks but about captivating their attention and making them focus on us.

In order for us to really understand our audience we need to understand thedata. Now more than ever we have access to tones and tones of data we need to be using correctly. Again, we need to ensure that we are also looking at the correct, relevant data to help guide us in the future.

"At the end of the day, are you driving engagement and revenue or not? The marketing teams that can prove their contributions to sales will be the most valued in 2016 and beyond." - Meagen Eisenberg @meisenberg

As 2016 approaches I urge marketers all around to focus not on the vanity metrics but the conversion rates. Focus on attention grabbing and not impressions. Tie in data with technology to achieve greatness in 2016.

"Sales enablement is the most important marketing function heading into 2016 to drive increased lead conversion and sales pipeline contribution." - Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

What do you see as the future of marketing for 2016? Is the future in data, technology and a focus on attention?