Try some digital on to see if it fits right

Learning by Doing, Hands-On Experiences or on-the-job training call it what you want its just important to put the things we learn in practice.

As kids we learn by teachers showing us, than asking us to perform certain tasks. We tend to learn faster and retain more information by doing. For example, instead of just watching a video, we can take a trip to the airport, visit a train station, or observe a construction site in the neighbourhood to really learn what happens at these locations. On-the-job training contributes to upgrading skills that are particularly important for specific jobs or specific work environments, emphasizing a learning-by-doing approach.

Look at the digital world we know know the digital industry is still very young. As things come and go it is easy to see where one company might have failed and another succeeded. Look at Myspace and Facebook or Blockbuster and Netflix. Some existing ideas are based off others. This is why its important to practice what we read, see and hear. The more we know how these things work in practice the more we can change with them. Flight simulators have long been an important part of pilot training. Augmented and virtual reality environments and gaming will be able to provide ever more realistic forms of training.

In my digital education and learning curve I look to find ways I can test all the great things I hear about on podcasts, read about on websites and see in videos. I have 3 websites that I maintain on my own and use as my testing ground. I have on Men’s fashion site called Dapperness, that has been online for a few years now. That site is more of a personal site of based on interest. I have learned about ways to use images to market and using in digital. I have a second website called Casa Martial Arts, which is the website of a mini business I run on the side. I teach private classes in Kung Fu and Kickboxing. This site is run on Wordpress, which different challenges from running Squarespace websites. Being exposed to different platforms and different coding languages helps gives us a wider knowledge base. By having three different websites all with different goals, it increases my digital exposure and learning potential. I need to think and execute differently if I am working on Dapperness or Casa Martial arts

What ever we call it, on the job training or hands on experience, experience has always been important and will always be. As job markets get more and more difficult you never know when these little bits of experience will pay off. I encourage everyone to give it a try, take a bit of time and think about what you are currently learning.Than go ahead and find a way you can really test your knowledge, will it really work.