B2B lead nurturing and the buyer Journey

As B2B digital marketers, it is our job to create and nurture measurable, actionable interest in our brand, product or services. We work tirelessly to gain market share and drive more leads into our sales funnels. 

As we know most B2B purchases often involve significant spend and they are usually only made after extensive research and thought. This is why lead nurturing is so important. 

The ideal point lead hand off process from your marketing team to the sales team is after those leads have been moved from Marketing Qualified Leads MQL’s to Sales Accepted Leads SAL’s. This only happens once the leads have shown some interest and is ready to close a deal. 

Once we have our lead generation programs working and generating new leads on a regular bases, we need to make sure those leads are moving through our sales funnels. We can’t just stop once we collect contact details, we need to nurture those leads to the point of a sale. A key thing to note here is that depending on where your lead is in the buying cycle will determine the best type of content for them. It is important to tailor the interaction or the content with their stage in the buying journey.  

If your analytic tools can track users actions across your web properties and marketing channels, then it hopefully wont be to difficult to track sales-readiness based on behaviours, such as clicking on calls to actions, visiting product and pricing pages and reading relevant material on specific pages.

It is important to work closely with your sales team with ongoing discussions to learn more about what's happening along the buyer's journey and what needs to be optimized. The more we learn the more we can help guide leads step by step, to the pages that are important to them in each of the stages in the process. It's only by nurturing your leads that you can effectively help them along your sales funnel.

When it comes to B2B lead nurturing the stronger the relationship you can build with that lead, the more success you have moving them down your sales funnels

The benefits of B2B lead nurturing are many, and include:
•            Increasing brand awareness through regular customer interactions
•            Being there when the lead is ready to make the purchase
•            Generating more qualified leads, and saving time for salespeople by allowing them to focus on warm leads and making less cold calls
•            Earning repeat customers by continually showing the value in your brand and products
B2B Lead nurturing is a must to improve the customer journey while aiming to grow revenue.

It is important to understand what challenges your potential customers are facing. What features or products are they interested in? When is the best time to reach your leads? The aim to generate as much information to qualify your leads and set yourself up for warmer leads.

Once you have noted this information you can begin to map your buyers journey.

At this point you should have an idea of what the buyer journey looks like and can start to develop different content for the different stages in the buying process.

Each stage of the journey requires different content. At the start of the journey you want your content to build awareness and can have a broader focus. As your leads move down the funnel based on actions they take with your content. You want the focus of your content to get narrower and narrower to the point their needs match your products and they are ready to close a deal.

Be aware that people may not always engage with specific content as you move them along. You may be required to move them back a stage till they are ready to move forward again. So you don’t risk losing them altogether. Try not to rush your leads through your cycle and only move them once they have shown you interest by taking some sort of action.

Try some of these different type of content in your B2B lead nurturing campaigns:
•    Whitepapers
•    Case studies
•    Articles or blog posts
•    Surveys or polls
•    Presentations
•    E-books
•    Videos
•    Podcasts
•    Interviews
•    Free trials