2016 the importance of the Customer Experience

In the year 2015 with all the digital advancements we have seen over the last few years. It is becoming even clearer that the customer experience is something all business need to take a very close look at. Over the last few years we have seen an emphasis put on the use of personalization when it comes to digital. The companies that have been quick to adopt the customer centric approach have been able to capitalize leaving competition in the dust. Increasingly customers now look for each interaction with their company of choice to be about them and their needs. How can this company solve my wants and struggles? Digital technologies are changing the game of customer interactions every day with new rules and possibilities that were unimaginable only a few years back. Now we can finally hear the voice of our customers without the need of surveys, simply by the use of social media. We can be where ever our customers are when they need us with the use of mobile computing tied closely with geolocalization. Now with analytics we can deliver a personal experience based on data driven predictions. Each one of these solutions is great on its own, but the true trick is how companies can combine all of these digital technologies into one seamless experience. Using these digital technologies we can get even closer to our customers with the aim to build long lasting relationships. Delivered properly marketers help drive retention and customer loyalty to a greater degree. Now this is no simple task to be able to customize a different user experience for each and every customer no matter where they are but it is something we need to aim for. Over the course of the year and years to come customers will continue to be the key drivers of change on how we deal with their demands. Despite the tough challenges this leaves for most companies it is one that is sure to deliver big time rewards for those who get it right.