Being a B2B marketer in today's digital world, I use data and information to identify the path that leads take to become opportunities and paying customers.

We all have many potential customers, but we need fine tune our targeting approach, we must identify the path of personas and our target accounts.

The skills I have around generating more demand is based on me being able identify these probabilities amongst campaigns and personas.

An important skill is being able to identify which path is the one my most important accounts/personas took to generate revenue.

Understanding the paths, and probabilities tied with engaging content will result in opportunities and revenue.

Customers always leave a trail of data behind them. Often we call this Big data because it can be plentiful and complicated. By focusing on the skills of path recognition from data, I as a demand generation marketer am more effective at targeting the groups of leads that have the greatest return on investment.

As a B2B demand generation marketer I can put my content in the right locations in front of the right eyes. If no one sees the hard work we put into content marketing we will never be able to reap the benefits. Based on different personas and different content, I work towards capitalizing on the attention I get for my brand. Understanding the customer and being at the right place at the right time in the right format is crucial in this day and age.

Today’s skilled demand generation marketers can place high levels of detailed information to personas, leads, opportunities and customers. Whether its deal size, channels, or campaign information, the best marketers understand the attributes that define each group of leads.

Each Prospects needs and wants are different depending on what stage they are in your sales funnel. As a skilled demand generation marketer I can use the knowledge gained through content tracking and lead scoring to understand at what stage the buyer is at and produce content that prospects want, before the prospects know they are looking for it.

Using CRM's, data and Marketing automation I aim to stay one step ahead of my target audience. B2B marketers who measure content engagement across the funnel can map buyers’ information needs. Content becomes more effective because marketers can eliminate the content that doesn’t work, or narrow down the correct time to offer the most optimized content.

Being able to recognizing the right signals amid the KPI’s, connecting the data points across platforms to understand the landscape and mapping content to fine-tune the content marketing machine is one of my main goals with each new project.

I am focused, not on the vanity metrics but the conversion rates. I look to gain attention and not just impressions. I tie in data with technology to achieve greatness in B2B marketing.

Contact me and let’s discuss your marketing goals.

Thank you

Erkan Huseyin